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Da Vinci Code Dammit! Ya hear me Technorati? Da Vinci Dog of a Movie

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Don't mind me. I'm just shitty with Technorati for dropping me off (again). I've been writing about the overblown, over-amped and over-here dog of a book and movie "The Da Vinci Code" for weeks but Technorati has chosen not to list my fine blog under that Tag. Why David Sifry why? Why do you guys keep doing this to me? I know you gave me your shoe-phone number and your personal email to contact you if I had any more problems but I can't bring myself to ring you up and say "Dave...it's happening again". Maybe I just need to take up a new hobby. I seem to be hitting my head against a brick wall here. Seems if you didn't get in on this blogging lark in the early days you've got Buckley's Chance of battling your way through the ranks to get noticed and read. Unless, of course, you did what I did a while back and went crazy with the Tammy NYP, Tammy, Singapore, Sex on a cellphone ecetera Tags. I'm still getting heaps of hits on Tammy and King Schlong and Phone Sex even though the party's well over and everyone's gone home. You know I got 50,000 Hits in two weeks off that Tammy Download? Mostly teenage boys from Singapore I reckon. I had a bit of fun with them by shooting a 20 second video purporting to be "Tammy's Unmade Bed and 5000 of the little wankers flocked to Vimeo to check it out. One moron even left a comment - "I don't get it". What's to get? You've been had, Sherlock.

Yeah, anyway. I've written on The Da Vinci Code down below this under "Americans Ready to Invade". Looks like the movie might tank in spite of the millions spent promoting it. Good. Tom Hanks is wrong for it, for starters. The reviews I've read so far all seem to be saying the same thing - it's too long, it's boring and depressing. In fact, at the Cannes premiere the punters were laughing at the wrong moments. What does that tell you? In one word: cheesy.

For more on the hoopla behind the Dumb-Dumb Da Vinci Code read about the Branding here at The Noo York Times including "Fodor's Guide to The Da Vinci Code", a travel book that traces the steps of the novel......Random House printed 100,000 copies of the book - "the largest print run in recent memory" for a Fodor's guide.

Like I said, let the games begin. Maybe I'll move out of Paris for the Summer and leave it to the rubberneckers.

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Reader Comments (1)

huh.. I don;t get it?
Ahh hell just fuckin' wit' ya!
Look I got here via technospamedaloti! Well, I am waiting for this hit of Viagra to kick in and then it's back to teh sistgers.. they are keeping eachother busy.. gotta love 'em... maybe I will write a little more porno for the dyslexic?
Peace.. bro..
(Sure I got a lot of names.. who don;t these days?)
May 21, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterDeRex

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