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Sexing the Alligator

Gator aid
News this week that alligators are emerging from the Florida swamps and snacking on Human beans has me wondering about these remarkable reptiles. My Australian mate fingers got me started when he noticed a brilliant piece of sub-editing on the Sydney Morning Herald site - "Granny beats off alligator!". Exactly how does one do that we mused?

Check this out - this is what the alligator's old fella looks like from the outside - at a cursory inspection it's very similar to the female's equipment231239-341693-thumbnail.jpg
male alligator sex organs
- yeah it looks like the Mount of Venus, doesn't it? To truly tell whether you have a boy or a girl alligator on your hands you need to stick your finger down there and see whether there's a clitoris (yes, truly!) or a penis. Here's an alligator penis -231239-341695-thumbnail.jpg
Alligator love tackle
and here's a female's vagina and clitoris -231239-341697-thumbnail.jpg
Alligator pussy
Isn't that amazing! So coming back to Granny...theoretically it's quite possible for her to have beaten off the alligator. Presumably you'd want to wire the snout shut. And I don't want to know the details of the rest of it, thanks very much.

More info and photos here - crocodilian.com

BTW ladies, if your Mount of Venus isn't to your satisfaction you can have it seen to here - wellnesskliniek.com

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