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Falling Down Drunk

wtcjump.gifFrom The Daily Telegraph "A company was fined £400,000 for breach of health and safety regulations yesterday after a court heard that two men fell through a lift door and plunged 14 floors to their deaths.

Daniel Digby, 25 and Michael Dawson, 27 were asked to leave a party in a city centre tower block when they began arguing. They continued their dispute and fell against the doors of a lift. The doors opened and they fell down the shaft.

Judge John Boggis, at Southhampton Crown Court, said the men had fallen with such force that one door came away from its bottom runner. Bristol-based Otis Lifts, which installed and maintained the lifts at Shirley Towers, Southhampton, admitted two counts of breaching Health & Safety Regulations."

That's one way to leave the building but here's another - "a proposed egress plan, designed to allow 32,000 people to exit a 160 story building in under three minutes. It's a bit scary but not as much as watching those people jump to their deaths on September 11th.

I propose using an 18" × 24" rectangular tube as a structural element doubling as an emergency mode of egress. Thus, the hollow tube runs all the way to the ground, slanting outward at the base, and delivering a person from the 160th floor (~2000 feet up) to the ground (about 100-200 yards distant from the base of the building) in about 25 seconds."

More here from The Dead Drop

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Love the animation man, is it your fine work??
April 12, 2006 | Unregistered Commentermushroom

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