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Dave Sifry - is Vlogging taking off?

Oh my vlog!
No Sifry didn't say it - I'm asking him the question - is Video Blogging taking over from Blogging? Have you seen how many video share sites there are now? Like YouTube, Google Video, Videosift, Vimeo, Revver et al. And with Apple's iPod now featuring video downloads - is this the future? Will we now be shooting our pathetic little lives on digicam and sharing it with the world - attaching videos to our emails and putting it up on our blogs?

I'm fascinated with this. Marketers and advertisers are already hip to it - the smart ones are incorporating Virals into their campaigns and releasing them onto an (unsuspecting) public through the Shared Video sites. Have a look at what Adidas, are doing, for instance. You won't see a hi-top or a product name once. Not unless you count adicolor. But we know who's behind it and that's got to be adding to the Top-of-mind recall and the so-called cool factor. Pretty sneaky eh? But why not? At least it's entertaining. (Is it just me or does that bird remind you of Mariah Carey throwing a hissy fit? Nice boobs. You reckon they're the real deal?)

"We have this explosion of creativity in blogs, podcasts, videos going on right now. And we also have marketers trying to harness that creativity, asking people who visit the sites and networks that pull these blogs and videos together to create ads.

My question is are there advertisers who are also taking the step of tailoring ads to fit the personality of the site they are advertising on? - sort of as an acknowledgment of the personality of the site. I know of one example, rocketboom, the video blog that auctioned off its ads on eBay and then produced the ad, resulting in marketing that's entirely new, I think." - from Business Week See more on this amazing mob here - Rocketboom on Wikipedia "Rocketboom (www.rocketboom.com) is a three minute daily videoblog based in New York City, covering a wide range of information and commentary from top news stories to quirky internet culture. With a heavy emphasis on international arts, technology and weblog drama, Rocketboom is presented via online video and widely distributed through RSS. Now, Rocketboom is available on TiVo as part of the TiVo Video Download Trial.

Rocketboom is currently one of the most popular videoblogs on the internet with more daily subscribers for original syndicated multimedia content than nearly any other site, including podcasts.

Rocketboom differs from a regular TV program in many important ways. Instead of costing millions of dollars to produce, Rocketboom is created with a consumer-level video camera, a laptop, two lights and a map with no additional overhead or costs. Also, Rocketboom is distributed online, all around the world and on demand, and thus has a much larger potential audience than any TV broadcast. However, Rocketboom spends $0 on promotion, relying entirely on word-of-mouth, and close to $0 on distribution because bandwidth costs and space are so inexpensive. Schedule: 3-5 minute episodes, released Monday - Friday."

And here's another example of the kind of thing I'm talking about. Video Mash-ups of a movie trailer - "The studio releasing the film, Take the Lead, New Line Cinema, wants to take the lead in finding alternative ways to market movies beyond traditional methods like advertising on television and in newspapers. It is a search that is also preoccupying the rest of Hollywood, anxious to reverse a slump in ticket sales.

For "Take the Lead" — a romantic drama about a professional dancer who volunteers to teach all the right moves to New York City schoolchildren — New Line is sponsoring such unusual marketing initiatives as a chance for computer users to create unofficial mash-ups. Those are mixed versions of music from the movie, using material available on the film's official Web site.
New Line is also providing a variety of blogs, online social communities and Web sites with mash-ups of music and images from "Take the Lead" produced by professional D.J.'s and V.J.'s, which supplement the trailers for the movie being shown in theaters. The D.J.'s are also playing the mash-ups they produced during live events at clubs where they work.

Among the online sites where the mash-up trailers can be watched are Google Video , iFilm , MySpace , TagWorld and YouTube." There are already 42 video mash-ups posted on YouTube alone, for the movie that starts tomorrow.

It makes sense. Mainstream television and cinema are dying. Broadband is taking over. And you can now shoot an entire campaign for peanuts compared to the costs of a traditional television advertisement. And of course the beauty is if the thing isn't working you ditch it and make another. And the other thing is Credibility - I reckon we're all getting inured to mainstream advertising. Word-of-mouth is coming back in. Or word-of-video. An ad. doesn't have to look like an ad. And if it's a good product - a unique product of real benefit to people - well it's gonna have resonance if it's spread by "the people".

Robin Moment
Video sent by pjkproductions
This video is from the excellent vlogbymini site - a site endorsed by MINI for vloggers to go crazy on just like the spaceman above. Brought to us by Gabemac from the excellent xolo.tv site. Danke.

And...and...and...you can get people to spread your message or your "What I did on my holidays" video by getting them to embed the HTML code on their blog - like I do on this site. Or attaching it to emails. That's what it's all about. "Hey look what I found!" becomes "Hey look what we all found!" And of course with Torrent sites it's not even going to cost you Bandwidth - you get someone else to host it.

I like this Vlogging idea. I think it's the future. I think we're all gonna be walking around with iPods or similar on our belts or incorporated into our phone or Blackberry devices or miniature PC's and we're not only gonna be sharing wacky videos and virals but we're gonna be using it for business too. It really is gonna be "power to the people". And think about the applications for "News" - we'll all be reporters.

The only thing that puts me off is I have to now learn how to use yet another device. It's not quite "point and shoot" - not if you want something halfway decent. I've been shooting video on my SONY Cyber-Shot 3.2 Mega Pixel digital camera and while it's O.K for sending on an email as a bit of fun it's hardly "broadcast quality".

I can't keep up. My little boy is only 20 months old and already he's on the computer and using the mouse to click on Vids. Maybe I'll get him to shoot my next production. He'll probably demand a Credit and an increase in his chocolate allowance.

Up Your Date: I've just found more on this at The Sydney Morning Herald where they are talking about the PC becoming your TV (I don't even own a television anymore). "From independent producers like Mondo Media to big media companies like MTV, and even kids who post videos on community sites like YouTube.com, the World Wide Web is becoming a sort of worldwide TV network for audiences seeking offbeat entertainment not shown on mainstream television." There you have it.

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Hey, the real cool part is when brands open up their site to allow the public to talk about things for them, or better yet vlog them. That's what MINI did with us this week, allowed us to vlog for them, and do whatever we want. Have a check:
April 6, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterGabemac

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