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Yakuza Stylin' in Mercedes S-Class

Tats my S!
Seems the Japanese Mafia - the Yakuza - are into fanging around town in $140,000 V12 Mercedes-Benz S-Class saloons. Talk about incongruous - your full body tatts and your full body Benz. More here Inside Line

Thanks for the pointer eMercedes-Benz blog

"...in Japan, there's an unwritten law: When you see big black or white limos, normally Mercedes S-Class or Lexus LS models, pushing their way through the traffic, just let them pass. Mr. Average doesn't want to cross paths with who might be inside." 231239-307871-thumbnail.jpg
Yakuza cockpit

Read a review here Mercedes S Road Test "There are more expensive production cars than the Mercedes S-Class, but you would be hard-pressed to find anything better -- at any price."

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