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Viral Fag Talk

Simon Mantle reports from our Sydney studios on a brand-new American television show that's the talk of the town.

"As you know, viewers, I'm not much of a one for Political Correctness so it's with great delight that I report on a new TV show for a dying breed - the smokers still left amongst us (the butt boys). I love a good fag and so who else to give you all the ins-and-outs but yours truly. Fag Talk is a wonderful proggie that's devoted exclusively to the art of smoking. And its all done in a fabulous faux-South Park style that I just love. Check it out while I go and blow a few rings myself. à bientôt, Sian XX

p.s. sweeties, if the link doesn't take you straight to the clip, scroll down to "FAG TALK - LOST IN TRANSLATION - The double entendres of cultural barriers".

Update! I just found this wonderful collection of oldtime cigarette-cards featuring buxom babes smoking - Here at the itinerate surfer

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