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Tow-In Tube from YouTube

Being a surfer I couldn't resist posting this one. Would I do this? Nuh...forget it! That's a seriously big gnarly wave. Taking the drop is the hardest part - like looking over the edge of a ten storey building. And once you take off you're committed - you're not going to flick off this one too easily! If you eat it you need to be able to hold your breath for a couple of minutes because the broken wave turns to foam and thrashes you around like a washing machine - making it very hard to work out what's up and what's down. So you need to chill and go with the flow until you know where you are. I've never surfed anything anywhere as big as this but I've surfed big waves in Australia, Indonesia, Tahiti and Hawaii. And I've gotta tell you - it's the ultimate rush. I'd best go check the break off Pont Neuf now.

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Damn that Fag talk viddi is pretty good.. I am looking for somthing a little more cutting edge.. been looking at conspiricy theory stuff mostly.. there is some really wild crap out there.. I just saw one that outlined the New World Order, and tied Bush to Hitler, 9-11 and all sorts of other evel shit.. it was petty good, in a DaVinchi Code kinda way.

I would love ot come to Parrie for a weekender.. gotta be better than being stuck in the airport for 8 hours.. and to dance with the green fairy in Parrie.. (I am thinking some really cool french sounding shit right now)

My Europe trip has been canned this spring.. I am so pissed.. (Pissed off, not drunk) I was looking forward to a 48 hour stay in Amsterdam.. any more than that and I would need a body bag.. Ever had your wing ding sucked by 6 girls at once? AMAZING.. and only available to you in amsterdam and some family reunions in the southern US.

Shit I still need to post the poem of the day.. got any real bad ones?
April 4, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterDeRex
A couple of the guys from my old church were professional Big Wave Surfers (both Shire boys - deal with it Shroom) Rusty Moran stopped after he'd seen too many of his friends die...
Scary stuff Mal! The surf off Bulli Beach isn't that big today, but it'll do!
April 4, 2006 | Unregistered Commenteractonb
Bulli for you, as Sian would say. Bisous.
April 4, 2006 | Registered CommenterMalcolm Lambe

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