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Secret Iraqi Torture Camp?

231239-306492-thumbnail.jpg Go here to The Guardian for the story behind these photographs.

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hey mal read this shit!
I was planning on posting it to my blog, but I can't access the friggin thing right at this moment.. so share the wealth I say.

As a logical member of Dr. Pianka’s 90% I have to say.. Save the planet..(from the stupid) Kill Pianka.

It would be better if Pianka had said, “If we kill the stupid people of the planet” or “If we kill the Neo-Cons of the planet” or even “If we kill the Eco-Nazis of the planet” but no he said kill 90% of the general population!

(Even Hitler only wanted to kill of a minority, the Jews.. this fucker wants to see us all go!)
Read the story here http://www.sas.org/tcs/weeklyIssues_2006/2006-04-07/feature1p/index.html
.. ‘cause I ain;t makin this shit up!

(Here I thought Pianka was another Pavlina moment.. come to find out.. he’s just a whack job with a PhD.!)

April 3, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterDeRex
Well, man...I might be for it if he starts by eliminating 90% of the American (gas-guzzling, war-mongering) population - not including you, of course. ;-) I think he's just stirring people into thinking that maybe they are no better than the animals. He is "The Lizard Man" after all. I thought this an April Fools joke at first. But I've just spent 40 minutes on Google reading all about him. The guy that "exposed" him is a bit of a drama-queen I think. Pianka's right, of course. There are too many humans for the planet to sustain. Especially the way we're burning up the resources.

Check out this blog - http://brenmccnnll.blogspot.com/2006/03/dr.html

and the hundreds of comments including this one - "The problem with Pianka is this: It is only an opinion that the world cannot support our current population level. Bill Gates once said "Nobody will ever need more than 640K of computer memory" until it was found that computers can be used for much more than what he thought at the time. There are hundreds of thousands of imperfect predictions made by scientists every year and Pianka can easily be one of them. For all we know, the earth can support 10 billion just fine once neccessity forces us to stop using oil, implement the right technologies and manage society so that growth rate equals death rate and everyone lives comfortably. Who is to say that this kind of society couldn't develop over the next 50 years? Not to mention another possibility that the philosophical naturalism that governs the science of today turns out to be wrong and whoever created us comes to our rescue. (Hey, well over 50% of our scientists for apparently good reasons still believe in God according to Scientific American--I read the article.) Don't pull the plug on humanity just yet. The outcome is not yet certain. Pianka is only one man with an opinion, and a distasteful one at that."
April 3, 2006 | Registered CommenterMalcolm Lambe
Shit hey, I'm actually not suprised at these photos, just that it's taken 60 bloody years for them to emerge...
As I've mentioned before, MrB has done lots of research into WW2 and post-war Europe, and he's told me of the many shocking things the Allies got up to... Antony Beevor's 'Berlin: The DOwnfall' was pretty intense apparently.
April 4, 2006 | Unregistered Commenteractonb

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