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Paris isn't Burning but it's Getting a Bit Hot

231239-193947-thumbnail.jpgI live in Paris. In the 15th Arrondissement a ten minute walk from la Tour Eiffel and a 20 minute Metro ride from the heart of the city. We don't see much action in mon quartier. There are no barricades or burning Citro├źns and the last bit of real excitement was probably when la Seine flooded big-time back in 1910. But don't believe the crap you read and see in the mainstream media - it's a beat up. There are agent provocateurs at work amongst the student protests. For the real deal read this Paris Blog

"Maybe you have heard about the student protests and riots in Paris.
I live between Jussieu university and the Sorbonne university. About 400 meters from the Sorbonne, in the heart of the "Quartier Latin".
But the neighborhood is calm. Maybe too calm, if I listen to the storekeepers of the Place Maubert. People go out less now.
The police are everywhere. Since the beginning of the protests there have been tons of Police vehicles on the Boulevard Saint Germain almost every day (see this short video). We can hear their screaming sirens pass under our windows day and night. Sometimes, dozens of policemen in riot gear are standing by on my street. Weird! Especially when I go out to get something to eat. lol
Policemen are okay with us. I know that they are here to protect us. Some of them even laughed and joked when I talked to them. (but I haven't tried to talk to the riot police, I'm not that crazy ;-)"
My street 1910 Flood

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My mate was telling me that his ex-girlfriend works at a uni in Paris and the students had barricaded the faculty in to the staff room (quelle Do You Here The People Sing?)... Harsh? No, the staff are all leaving at the end of each day through the back door... Apparently there's quite an amazing game of poker going on.
April 1, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterBec

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