Australia-Indonesia War of the Wits
Saturday, April 1, 2006 at 10:36AM
Malcolm Lambe

Last week an Indonesian newspaper published a cartoon headlined The adventure of two dingo (sic) and showed the Prime Minister, Little Johnny Howard as a dog copulating with his Foreign Minister. Howard was the dominant dog, shaking his tail while telling the foreign minister Lord Downer Of Baghdad: "I want Papua!! Alex! Try to make it happen!"

Today the Weekend Australian has responded with this cartoon from Bill Leak. Of course, you know that Indonesia withdrew its Ambassador to Australia last week as a protest against the granting of Asylum to some West Papuan New Guinea independence activists.

Bring it on baby! Bomb Jakarta, I say. Boycott Bali. Stop eating Nasi Goreng. Save the wild dogs and get out of Papua you Indo bullies. Indonesia - regularly voted amongst "The most corrupt countries in the world." And then, of course, we have the three magic words to hang around Indonesia's neck Rape, Arson & Torture. Fuck diplomacy - it's about time Indonesia was held accountable for its actions in Aceh, Timor and West Papua.

And seeing as though we are in this Video Report just in - Krazy Korean Kids - it's been played an incredible 1,475,566 times on YouTube already.

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