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Tammy - we love you long time

Good God Amighty...are people completely stupid or what? I'm still being pestered for the frigging SINGAPORE TAMMY NYP SEX VIDEO. Can't they follow a link? Don't they know how to scroll down or Click on the Next Page? Can they even read? Where are all these morons coming from? Mars maybe?

So for all the dumbfucks out there, here it is again - the links to the FREE DOWNLOADS of Tammy and King Schlong having it away in Singapore and filmed on their cellphone...which was stolen...clip posted on the Net...blah blah blah. Read All About It!! Where you been for two weeks, chump?

So here you go all you little teenage perverts - THE LINKS through to www.filefactory.com. There is a FREE version and a PAID version. The free one works fine. I just tested it again. Now go for it...make sure you clean up afterwards.


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