Free Wallyworld!
Thursday, March 9, 2006 at 04:43PM
Malcolm Lambe


I seemed to have been relegated (again). Technorati are ignoring me and my Tags have dissappeared. I'd like to think it's all a Communist plot or some irate Singaporean hackers attacking me. But meanwhile I'm locked out of Technorati - Sin Binned. Here's what my crazy mate has to say about it over at another corner of the Free World as you can see he's the world's worst speller but what the fuck...

Wally world has been taken by force.. banned form internet searchengines everywhere..
Click on this.. muthafuckas.. and give the Aussie biotch some props..
Cause it ain't easy being a pimp.

If you love Tammy NYP, and you love freedom of speach and you love sex(y) video downloads, and you love pimps in singapore, and you love stickin it to the man, and you love and you know how to misspell Tami 12 different ways, and you think that Aussie accent is bonzer.. just fuckin do it! CLICK THIS SHIZNIT, BIOTCH!

welcometowally world may have been banned from technorati for providing what he people really want, the true scoop on Tammy NYP and all that is the tammy phenominon.. show your supprt by going to see what may have become the all tammy all the time blog.. if it were not for the fact that he's got more to talk about than some tart in singapore getting poked by king schlong..

Tomb of a Nudist
and it you think that all this talk about tammynyp makes him a wanker then go to tomb of a nudist and see some cool shit on new and old horror movies.. with 0% tammy 100% of the time..

or alternatly, you could keep reading the tripe I have written here.. typed with my feet, an elbow and the use of a small farm animal swung at great velosity at my keyboard....
sure I can;t type.. sure I can;t spell, shure i have the grammerical accuracy of Bo Radly on qualludes.. but at least i am trying to entertain myself.. what's your fuckin excuse.. don;t make me smack you upside the head with a still living veal.

I;ll give you arabian goggles and you'll like it!

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