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Singapore Pissed off with Tammy - reaches for batteries

Physicists in Singapore have succeeded in creating the first battery that generates electricity from your pee. This new battery will be the perfect power source for cheap, disposable healthcare test-kits for diseases such as diabetes.

Ha Ha Ha - you thought this was going to be another Singapore Tammy story, didn't you? Sorry, it's not from NYP (Ning Nong Polytech) but from another Centre of Yearning...I mean Learning - IBN - Singapore's Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology.

Scientists in research groups around the world are trying to design ever smaller “biochips” that can test for a variety of diseases at once, give instant results, and, crucially, can be mass produced cheaply. But until now, no one has been able to solve the problem of finding a power source as small and as cheap to fabricate as the detection technology itself.

Led by Dr Ki Bang Lee (I was so hoping his name would be Wee), a research team at IBN has developed a paper battery that is small, cheap to fabricate, and which ingeniously uses piss as the power source for the device doing the testing.

The chemical composition of urine is widely used as a way of testing for tell-tale signs of various diseases and also as an indicator of a person’s general state of health. The concentration of glucose in urine is a useful diagnostic tool for diabetics. The lead researcher, Dr Lee, envisions a world where people will easily be able to monitor their health at home using disposable test-kits that don’t need lithium batteries or external power sources.

Dr. Lee said: “We are striving to develop cheap, disposable credit card-sized biochips for disease detection. Our battery can be easily integrated into such devices, supplying electricity upon contact with biofluids such as urine.”

pee pee battery
The battery unit is made from a layer of paper that is steeped in copper chloride (CuCl) and sandwiched between strips of magnesium and copper. This “sandwich” is then held in place by being laminated. The final product is a little bit smaller than a credit card. Using 0.2 ml of urine generates a voltage of around 1.5 V with a maximum power of 1.5 mW.

“Our urine-activated battery would be integrated into biochip systems for healthcare diagnostic applications,” says Lee. He envisions a world where people will easily be able to monitor their health at home, seeking medical attention only when necessary.

“These fully-integrated biochip systems have a huge market potential,” adds Lee.

And I'm not taking the piss. Here's the source - dontpissmeoff.com

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god almighty, a night out on the piss and i could power half of sydney with that baby. yeah baby yeah!
March 9, 2006 | Unregistered Commentermushroom

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