Chinese Glamour-Puss Kitten Killer
Sunday, March 5, 2006 at 02:31PM
Malcolm Lambe

Chinese pussy
231239-286231-thumbnail.jpg231239-286234-thumbnail.jpg "Just who is the glamourous kitten killer of Hangzhou? says the headline on an article in Saturday's The Daily Telegraph - A story about a Chinese woman who gets her kicks (apparently) by crushing kittens to death under her stiletto heels.

"Gruesome pictures, which first appeared on a website, have been reproduced in recent days in many newspapers. In the first picture, the woman, wearing a cocktail dress with a leopard-print top and black skirt, caresses a tortoiseshell kitten lovingly. Then she puts it on the ground, looks at it - and lowers a stiletto heel on to its head" - through its eye by the look of it.

Cmon! this has got to be the biggest beat-up of all time. Right up there with "Cat caught in tree". The Tele goes on to say "China's media has launched a hunt for the sadistic woman". Yeah and when they catch her they're gonna make chop-suey out of her.

Here's a Chinese sweet and sour source for the same beat-up The China Daily Pussy....but they just seem to have stir-fried the same story.

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