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Chinese Glamour-Puss Kitten Killer

Chinese pussy
231239-286231-thumbnail.jpg231239-286234-thumbnail.jpg "Just who is the glamourous kitten killer of Hangzhou? says the headline on an article in Saturday's The Daily Telegraph - A story about a Chinese woman who gets her kicks (apparently) by crushing kittens to death under her stiletto heels.

"Gruesome pictures, which first appeared on a website, have been reproduced in recent days in many newspapers. In the first picture, the woman, wearing a cocktail dress with a leopard-print top and black skirt, caresses a tortoiseshell kitten lovingly. Then she puts it on the ground, looks at it - and lowers a stiletto heel on to its head" - through its eye by the look of it.

Cmon! this has got to be the biggest beat-up of all time. Right up there with "Cat caught in tree". The Tele goes on to say "China's media has launched a hunt for the sadistic woman". Yeah and when they catch her they're gonna make chop-suey out of her.

Here's a Chinese sweet and sour source for the same beat-up The China Daily Pussy....but they just seem to have stir-fried the same story.

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Reader Comments (1)

There are no words that express how much i loathe this woman. And there are qually no words to express how much joy i would get out of tying her down and slowly killing her with her own weapon of choice: a pair of skanky four inch stilettos. No one on planet earth could persuade me into thinking that she may not deserve something so harsh, because she deserves to feel the same excruciating pain, fear and confusion that tiny animal was forced to endure throughout its prolonged execution. She deserves that, ten fold.
December 12, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBrittany

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