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Bush liberates Iraqis - whether they like it or not.

iraq2.gifGulf War 2 (aka World War 2.5)
It's the mother of all Flash games.

This is cool. How come I haven't seen this before? You seen this?

World War 2.5

"It's old hat now, but in early 2003 this page was hopping. Occasionally a pro-war loony will email me to sneer that things didn't turn out like this. The ability to miss the point is strong in some people. This game starts with a simple premise: that Bush/Blair were telling the truth. Saddam had WMD and was willing to use them.

Since that now seems incorrect, of course reality diverged from the game very quickly. Anyhow, you might be amused to read some of the hate mail that I received from the armchair patriot brigade. Some of these people need help ASAP."

I suppose you can play it at work but I'd turn the sound down. Don't miss reading the hate mail. It may be more entertaining than the game.

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