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Sorry about that (Chief). I've been unable to get into the site for the last 18 hours. I've been hacked! And I gotta admit, these guys are good. Not only do they copy my writing style almost to a "T" but they can spell as well - so the culprit obviously wasn't sealboy over at Bogspot and I'm pretty sure it wasn't vic unless she enjoys beating up on herself rather than beating off. But whoever it was I reckon they've done a better job than I. Shit, they even put the site up for sale on eBay! Hilarious. And those Hit figures are real as well. They've done their homework. Well done boys! Maybe it's Pervy? Except I don't think he can hack it. Ditto Byrnes. But I tell you what. Carry on. I reckon it's better like this. Insult a few more interlopers will you? Now what do I do about this eBay Auction? Should I just leave it and see what happens? Might be worth a giggle.


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