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South Park? not exactly... but...

...pretty bloody funny all the same. Check out this great new spoof on the Australian Tourism "Where the Bloody Hell Are You?" television campaign that's got up the noses of the P.C. Poms. For those of you who haven't heard, there has been a mini race war on the Beaches of Sydney lately. More specifically the locals at Cronulla Beach reacted violently when two young lifesavers were beaten up by some Lebanese guys - or "men of Middle Eastern persuasion" as the mainstream media dopes tagged them. Have a look below or the Front Page if you're not already there.

There you go Technorati...does that meet with your approval? I didn't use Tammy or Pavlina or Singapore once (not counting those ones) and only stuck South Park in a couple of times. Maybe it needs more - read this bots SOUTH PARK, SOUTH PARK, SOUTH PARK.

Oh yeah...if youse get a chance...check out delorumrex - he's my partner in this cross-pimping, guerilla blogging game. Or "gorilla" as he would no doubt have it. Anyone want to join us? You get a "Put another Bush in the White House - Vote Pavlina" T-Shirt. Or if you're at Delorumrex "puth anutter Bus in teh Wite Ouse - vote Pavlina".

(That'll probably earn me another week in the Techno Sin-Bin)

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Reader Comments (1)

That spoof was awesome. There was another one floating around work as well. I'll send it to you...

Hee, god love the Aussies, they can take the piss better than anyone...
March 25, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterWCS

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