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15 year old Boy Fools Google

flak gun
Hey delorumrex you'll be pleased to know that you and I are in the vanguard of the hot new game in town - fooling Search Engines. Have a look at what this little shit did to Google - "A 15 year-old guy heard on digg.com that you could get a stupid and fake article into Google News by writing a press release, so he wrote a silly article about him getting hired as Google’s youngest employee. In doing so, he sparked a media blitz, then got accused of malicious intent and of being a liar and perpetrating a hoax by many people, and put a spotlight on the practice of putting press releases in Google News." - and whoever wrote that needs to go back to writing school.

More on it here at Google.blognewschannel.com

Thanks to the flack - which is funny because in my book this blog should be called "flak" from Fliegerabwehrkanone or "Flak" (guns to protect WWII German troops in the field and to provide a system of radar-directed Flak and searchlight systems to protect their major industrial cities.) and it's written by Peter Himler. Obviously somebody with a sense of humour if not spelling skills.

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