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Baghdad Bathing Beauties

I bags third from the left
All the girls thought the New Season's "Suicide Bomber" look was really cool.

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Reader Comments (2)

Them wet blankets at technorati are killing my traffic.. less than 200 voyures and wankers stoped by yesterday!
Perhpas my friend it is time to invent a completly ficticous person, some babe from Singapore (I get about 50 hits a day on that keyword alone) who had some strange adn unusual sexual adventure? Perhpas we say we have seen the video (another good general keyword) but that the video is not uploadable in the format thatwe have it? (I am reaching here)..
Her name should be a combination of two rather famous, or in the news names..
Not that I condone the spamming of a search engine, I like more the stringing of "voyures and wankers" along.
Sure I could write in an attempt to have "good content" but what fuckin fun would that be?

Judging form the history over at technorati, we will only get 3-5 days of ride out of our mystery woman, so it has to be done right..
any thoughts?
PS. A friend of mine sent me a Florida Crocodile video.. seems the US version of the Croc likes to jump out of the water and grab chicken too.. whodda though?
March 23, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterDeRex
What's your email? Or can I get it off the eBay site? I reckon there's some funny business going on at Technorati. My traffic took a dive, too. Bigtime. See they don't even list fucking Pavlina pants anymore? Probably not even Dave Sifry knows what's going on - be some Techie wanker throwing a block is my guess.
March 23, 2006 | Registered CommenterMalcolm Lambe

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