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Trying to make sense of life and shit...

bluecityscape.gif"For the past few months, my friend Leon has suspected that his wife was having an affair. Rather than confront her openly, he chose to take some covert actions, most of them costly and foolhardy. He planted a pair of wireless audio transmitters in the roof of her car. He bought a scanner radio to eavesdrop on her cordless phone conversations. He obtained duplicate copies of her cell phone bills and called each number listed to see who answered. He examined her credit card receipts looking for gift purchases and anything out of the ordinary. Occasionally, he would show up at her job unannounced, under dubious pretenses, hoping to catch her in the arms of a coworker. And of course, he followed and photographed her from a distance whenever she went out alone...." Some beautiful writing from my mate over at sensorium

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