Pavlina can't get enough of Technorati
Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 12:41AM
Malcolm Lambe

Look, Dave Sifrey and the gang at Technorati, I was ready to let Pavlina slip into ignominity. She was history. Yesterday's news. Dropped. Off the team. Relegated. And now you guys have brought her back into the game and are playing her at the Number 4 spot. What can I do? I have to talk about her all over again. People are even emailing me and saying "What's going on, lambe...who is this Pavlina sheila...and what's all the fuss that really her on the piano?"

What can I say? I'm supposed to be a semi-serious social commentator or some-bloody-thing. And now my nice little bloggie is turning into a soft porn site. I blame you Technorati. This is all your fault. You should have banished Pavlina just like you did Tammy NYP. I'm still getting a couple of hundred over-sexed Asian schoolboys coming looking for her every day BTW.

Dave Sifry...when do I reach the point where you consider me a spammer? Or anybody else that spins keywords for that matter. We're just having a bit of fun and trying to ramp the figures up - heck I only make a couple of coffees a day out of advertising on my site. So it's not like I'm trying to exploit the situation for monetary gain.

You there Dave Sifry? Has this caught your eye? Flick it to your secretary to reply to. I understand you're a busy guy.

Oh yeah...before I's something I got from that charlatan Pavlina: if this information helps you, please leave a donation for the writer. The PayPal button is on the right there. Let's have some positive manifestation of moolah, baby.

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