Naked Pavlina and David Sifry wrestling alligators - I'd like to see that!
Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 01:24PM
Malcolm Lambe

laromlab3.gifBoy oh boy...would I ever. What a competition that would be! Sensational stuff. Hey Dave - you seen the croc videos below? Would you do that, man? Me neither. You gotta have some cojones on you to try that at home. Yeah...I'm an'd you guess? "I come from a land down under..."

Seriously though...I'm thinking of changing my blog name to "The best of Pavlina" or "Welcome to Pavlinaland", "Inside Pavlina" or even "Pavlina does Paris". And I'm gonna write shit like "The No Dollars Experiment - how to send yourself broke in one easy lesson". And our Mantra will be -

In an uptight and stressed manner, in a disgustingly unhealthy and negative way, in its own faulty time, for the detriment of all, I intend all my money to go out of my life and into the ether along with all the other saps who follow my intention.

Whaddya think of that? I reckon it'll work. Oh yeah...nearly forgot...if this information helps you, please leave a donation for the writer. There's a PayPal button to your right there.

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