and David Sifry
Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 12:19PM
Malcolm Lambe

231239-297431-thumbnail.jpgHere's a Pommy Dude who started a website to shame his daughter into cleaning up her room. It worked. She cleaned it up alright and then started her own website (which I've yet to track down) with a picture of Dear Dad pissed out of his mind at a party with a pair of womens knickers over his head (or something like that...actually I think he was mincing around with a handbag

This little site is getting 50,000 Hits a week and rising. You might even have trouble getting on. I did. Got a message saying "Hey Dickhead...we're busy...come back later". Have a lookie

Hi Dave Sifry of Technorati...enjoying the blog? I could've emailed or rung - you did after all give me the direct number (remember) but this is more fun. I'm just wondering how you guys put stuff up. You seem to pick and choose what you're gonna post under my Technorati spot. As you no doubt know I've been flogging Pavlina but you haven't whacked them all up. And I notice you edit and highlight. Does a programme do that or is there some bozo there going "This is good...make that bold" and "Don't put any more of Lambe's ridiculous Pavlina shit up - a joke's a joke but this guy's taking it too far"?

Just wondering, Dave Sifry. You know I'm a big fan of Technorati. Oh more thing. How come last week I'm 229 links from 29 sites (or whatever it was) and this week I'm a lousy 75 links from 24 sites (again, whatever it is). And I notice today your Top 100 has at spot 10 with 15,797 links from 6,586 sites and then again at spot 37 with 19,573 links from 3,925 sites. Bugs? did someone say there are bugs at Technorati?

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