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Pavlina Crashes and Burns

This is good. Bloggers do have some brains after all. You'll notice I've been posting a lot of spurious Pavlina shite in the last couple of days as a desperate ploy to snag readers (or should that be shag readers?). And it's worked. Up to a point. I get a hundred or so desperates every day hoping to see some sort of sensational Tammy-like video action. The sad fucks. But at least this exercise has highlighted something - Steve Pavlina is right - good content is king. Or should be. I think if I were to continue this exercise word would soon get around that that Lambe idiot over at Welcome to Wallyworld talks a load of bollocks and the punters would avoid me in droves. But then again....I have a sneaky suspicion if I were to post "Paris Hilton caught in public toilet with girl Rockstar" I would get a flood of hits. But that's what they are - "Hits" - they're not readers. They're just morons chasing the celebrity trail. They're rubber-neckers. They never comment and if they do it's barely legible (or should that read literate?). And of course they never spend a dime - never click on the Amazon button. "Read a book? You kidding me? I don't read". BTW have you seen the frightening figures on American literacy lately?

"According to a recent US government report, The State of Literacy in America, released by the National Institute for Literacy (NIL), there has been a significant growth in illiteracy in America. Over 90 million US adults, nearly one out of two, are functionally illiterate or near illiterate, without the minimum skills required in a modern society.

The report is a devastating portrait of the social conditions in capitalist America, the country generally portrayed as the most advanced in the world. Out of 191 million adults in the US, as many as 44 million cannot read a newspaper or fill out a job application. Another 50 million more cannot read or comprehend above the eighth grade level."

From a 1998 article in World Socialist Ravings or somesuch organisation with an axe to grind but the figures are from the NIL (National Institute of Literacy).

Don't know about you but those figures scare the shit out of me - Over 90 Million US adults are illiterate or near illiterate. No wonder delorumrex has so much trouble with his spelling. (And I'm not having a go at you Rex - I luv the way you rite - it's uneek.)

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