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In God of Eros We Trust

231239-297576-thumbnail.jpg231239-297580-thumbnail.jpg There are some truly dumb fucks in the world, are there not? People like this guy deserve to get taken down if they are that bloody stupid. Fake Euros have been produced in Germany as a promotion for a Porno biz. They are obvious fakes - have a look at them. It even says Eros Euros amongst the naked bodies. But...

"Cologne newsagent Bernd Friedhelm, 33, accepted one of the fake 600 euro notes from an unknown customer who bought two cartons of cigarettes and walked off with 534 euros in change.

Friedhelm said: "He told me it was a new type of note and I just figured I hadn't seen one before."

A spokesman for the Cologne police said: "You can tell straight away by looking at it that it's fake.

"There aren't even any 600 euro notes."

I bet I could flog a truckload of fake Chanel No 5 and counterfeit Cartier watches to Herr Friedhelm. Or maybe even la Tour Eiffel.

"He told me it was a new type of note and I just figured I hadn't seen one before".

Thanks to Bruce Schneier for this. And he got it from ananova.com. Unbelievable, isn't it?

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