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Forex Trading Welcome to Wallyworld

231239-297415-thumbnail.jpgIf you're a regular here you'll know that we have a hotshot Forex Trader by the nom-de-plume of fingers regularly dropping by and leaving comments. Or should I say regularly stirring the pot? These days he mostly hangs out at "Shoot the Shit" - which is kind of a Chat Room for Australian nerds during the working week (8.30a.m. - 7p.m. Monday to Friday, Sydney time).

I don't know why I didn't think of this before. Here's a guy with his finger on the pulse. He's playing high-stakes poker with other people's money and (presumedly) winning. We should get some of this action.

Now fingers has just set up his own Forex Trading business. With some other traders. And they're kicking butt. So he tells me and why shouldn't I believe him. So here's the deal - why don't we band together and form a Welcome to Frigging Wallyworld Forex Investor's Account? Get fingers to play with a few grand's worth of our money. I'm up for it. Anyone else?

Of course I haven't run this past said fingers yet. Well, I've mentioned it in passing, as it were. Perhaps we could start by making imaginary trades.

Yeah...second thoughts...none of you cheap shits would play. It's hard enough getting you to click on a Google ad. or order a friggin' CD through Amazon let alone extracting $100 to play the Forex Market.

As you were.

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