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Pavlina Goes Down (under)

I just found this great new site called australianblogs.com.au although that's not their URL - www.buggerall.com.au is! It's a list of Aussie webshites. From my home country Orstraya. Here's just a snippet from one of the wacky blogs I came across credit card victim

"by Broke @ 12:30 am. Filed under Humour
I am Broke
I am single.
I am male.
I am a Leo (not that I actually believe in that stuff, but if my weekly horoscope is good it gives me something to actually look forward to)
I live alone.
I am straight (but occasionaly use hair product)
I drive a 29 year old car that has been in my family for 27 years through three generations.
I have a tempory contract with a never to be named government agency.
I like living alone (most of the time)
I am a little over 6 feet tall.
I sail (on someone elses boat) once to twice a week over summer, much less in winter.
I pay rent (who would give me a mortgage, and how would I service that and the credit cards)
I have an Xbox but i just sold most of my games on ebay, I use it mainly to watch DVD’s.
I have an Ipod which I bought as a reward for myself for walking to work, I figure I have already paid for it with the money I have saved in parking fees.

more to come when I feel the urge to share intimate personal details, or something" And what's his blog about, you ask? - How he's going to pay off his $22,000 credit cards debt.

I also found John "He died with a felafel in his hand" Birmingham's blog there and it was surprisingly ordinary - birmo

But the pick of the bunch was shai coggins' blog - she has a Masters in Applied Psychology amongst other things and this is one of her paintings. 6afternoonteagarden_med_acr_thumb.jpg What a girl!

Thanks to another Australian, Darren Rowse at problogger.net for pointing me there.

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Reader Comments (2)

Sorry about the URL mix-up. We're using an old recycled development environment (it was free...)

The site can be accessed directly using:

Thanks for the plug!
March 21, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJon Y
Wow! Thanks, Wally. You're a sweetie. :-) Or, was that supposed to be a secret? ;-)

Anyway, does that mean my blog counts as web shite too? :-D
April 2, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterShai Coggins

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