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myspace: the movie

This is one of the Movers & Shakers right now. Has some funny moments. Pretty good for an amateur production. I think we gotta make that Welcome to Wallyworld fillum, kids.

myspace:the movie

That SONY camera in the opening footage is exactly the same as the one I've been using to shoot my test crap over on "Video Blog" (see the Navigation Column, dumbfuck). Bring it on. I've gotta get me a proper digital video camera if I'm gonna make "Tammy & The Bachelor" (see how I sneakily added another "Tammy" to the content. That word is going to enter the popular lingo - no doubt about that. As in "I'm gonna do a Tammy" and shit like that. And I bet, I just bet, that somebody brings out a re-mix mash of Debbie Reynolds' 1957 Hit "Tammy" (see, there's another "Tammy").231239-284994-thumbnail.jpg
I have an audio clip for you in one of the posts below. With the lyrics so you can sing along. If you do a mix, can you send me a copy? Could be the hit of the year - "Tammy, Tammy...Tammy's in love".

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