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Pavlina Tunnel of Love! New Shocking Video!

Well that should work, shouldn't it? Pavlina got you here, I see. But seriously, if you haven't seen it, this video's a beauty. "The new Lefortovo tunnel just completed in Moscow, Russia tends to be a very dangerous place to drive. Check out the security footage of some crazy accidents that have occurred in the tunnel." mushroom sent me another version with a soundtrack Here Thanks, pothead! When's the extended play remix coming out? You know, with the cars going backwards and forwards in time to the music. And maybe added SFX of breaking glass and tearing metal. Read the Comments BTW - gives an insight as to how these accidents happen.

Actually Tony Bellette - the Voiceover King sent me this two weeks ago but I couldn't get it to play and didn't think to Google it. Tony can do just about any voice. When I ring him he answers the phone as Prince Charles or John Cleese or Dirty Harry or somebloodything. And he can switch between them so you think you're talking to them all. And of course he can do pretty-well any cartoon character you care to mention. Very talented guy. But there's not enough call for this sort of thing in Australia so he's reduced to doing boring radio commercials and straight video voiceovers in his natural Brisbane Australian voice for his bread and butter. What a waste. Maybe I need to write a script for him using the characters we have every week-day at Shoot the Shit - you following that? Pretty funny. We've almost managed to extract some Bandwidth Money from that cheapskate Frank Byrnes. And Uncle Pervy's still in disgrace although I unblocked him two weeks ago so you never know, he might make an appearance. Everyone met mex last week at drinkies and they reckon she's a long skinny desperate sheila with coke-bottle glasses, skanky hair, no tits, bucked teeth and halitosis. That can't be right, can it? She'll always be a spunk in my eyes. I love the way she regularly tells fingers to go fuck himself. What else? Oh yeah...drinkies was in honour of Kez shooting through to the U.K. to a modelling gig (read: nudie shoot) with FHM (For Hands Magazine) but she didn't make it - some arsehole rear-ended her Porsche 911 and put her in hospital with shock and whiplash. She texted Moosehead the next day with all the lurid details. Talking of the Moosehead...she tells us when she wears an uplift bra "it works every time". Cor!...maybe you should take Kez's spot at FHM magazine. Yeah, this is a seriously intellectual feminist blog, don't you know? Well alright...if you're going to get the hump with my blatant sexist attitude, go and read the stories under Short Stories (der) . The first one - The Mendicant Monk is a beauty from Adelaide's Annalou Larsen - it's about to launch her literary career BTW. You read it here first.

"It's just a sad old geezer offering to take an underprivileged child with large bongos for a harmless ride on his Vespa...

fingers in Shoot the Shit

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Reader Comments (2)

Damn, that video is crazy! Does it get slick like that because of the oil from the vehicles, which can't run off because the road is covered (thus no rain)?
March 19, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterBryan
Bryan, read the Comments on the second link (with the music).
March 19, 2006 | Registered CommenterMalcolm Lambe

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