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CPE CPE CPE - Paris Student Riots and all that

stgcoach.gif I live in Paris - in the 15th Arrondissement. Not far from where the revolting students are protesting. Tomorrow I'll take le Metro to le Boulevard Saint Michel and see if I can poke my little camera in some smelly student's face and get le low-down on what's going on. Should be fun. No point going today as they'll all be visiting their Mums for the traditional Sunday roast.

Why is Paris Burning again? In a nutshell - "Protesters are bitterly opposed to the new First Employment Contract (CPE), which allows employers to end job contracts for under-26s at any time during a two-year trial period without having to offer an explanation or give prior warning."

"The government says it will encourage employers to hire young people but students fear it will erode job stability in a country where more than 20% of 18 to 25-year-olds are unemployed - more than twice the national average."

And in some parts of the country (i.e. immigrant suburbs and towns) that figure blows out to 40%.

Before this new law employers needed to give a good reason for firing someone. Now they don't.

What's with the Stagecoach gif you say? What has that got to do with Student protests? Nothing. I just like it, is all.

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