Technorati - we had such a good thing going, baby
Friday, March 10, 2006 at 01:20PM
Malcolm Lambe

What happened? Is it really over? Why are you ignoring me? Can't we just talk? It's that fling I had with Tammy isn't it? She meant nothing to me - believe me. I've tried ringing and writing and a support group and...Nothing. You don't even answer my emails. Dave Sifry Dave Sifry Dave Sifry please come home I need you and miss you. Can't we sort this thing out between us? And listen - It's me...not you...I know you need your space. I know you need to see other bloggers. But don't drop me like this. It hurts. david_sifry.jpg

"David Sifry is a serial entrepreneur with over 19 years of experience. Before founding Technorati, Dave was co-founder and CTO of Sputnik, and co-founder of Linuxcare, where he served as CTO and VP of Engineering. He has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. Dave lectures on everything from wireless spectrum policy and Wi-Fi, to weblogs and open-source software."

And yet he doesn't seem to be able to get a simple Customer Support to work the way it should.

Here's what Dave Sifry promised us last September -

"We're busy expanding out our support capabilities, and also putting together tools to make it easier for users to help answer their own questions before a Technorati support staffer has to get involved, and we've already made a bunch of fixes and feature enhancements to help fix the most common support requests, like fixes in our blog claiming code."

"Blog Claiming Code" - the very thing that's plaguing me at the moment. Along with Tags disappearing and the Posts not being updated. Not to mention the total lack of customer service and Support. I've gone from having 212 links on their site yesterday to 111 today. At this rate of attrition I'll be out the back door. More on this below. Anyone else having problems with Technorati?

Postscript: Can you do me a favour and cut and paste this on to your blog? Technorati's not tracking me so poor old Dave won't know that Wallyworld's disgruntled. But he just might see it if it pops up a few times on Technorati Search. Hey - there's an idea! We could do a Brrreeeport with it. Pass it along, brothers and sisters. Power to the blog! No taxation without representation on Technorati! Free your Willy for Wallyworld! - as seen on

Latest News to Hand (is that what mainstream media wankers say?): I just received an email from the main man himself - Dave Sifry. How cool's that! And, No, I'm not making this up. Here's part of what he says -

"There's been no blacklisting, your blog had gotten caught in one of our queues for human review. Sorry about that, everything is fixed up now. Please do let us know if you experience any further problems or issues."

And guess what? The fucking thing still won't work. Just keeps batting back at me with Unclaimable Blog. It's going round and round my head now Unclaimable Blog...Unclaimable Blog...Unclaimable Blog

Being a diehard, I had another go - the zillionth. This time I managed to get the embed code off Technorati and put it here on the site...went back to Techno...hit the button to complete the claim and got...

"Sorry, there seems to be a problem.

Your claim could not be completed because your site is unreachable. Please make sure you've followed all the steps above and try again. Need a hand? Contact Support."

You're losing me, babe.

Update of an Update: Now this is just rubbing salt in the wound. I go back to Technorati by clicking on the "Technorati Profile" now showing there on the right. I click on "Blogs" and up pops "David Anderson - davidx - 11 links from 7 sites ...claim in progress" What the Fuck!!!It's someone elses blog. Maybe he's got mine. I could ring him up and swap embed codes with him. But there again...who's to know what code he's got. We could be like "The Village of the Damned" - a tribe of Technorati Zombie Outcasts doomed to wandering the planet looking for our blog codes.

Update of an Update of an Update: Ah we've got rid of the mysterious Mister Anderson and we've actually got showing as "In Progress". But it won't let me complete the claim. Reckons the URL is invalid. No it's not. Reckons it's an Unclaimable Blog.

Ker-Ching!! Success. Hallelujah. May the Blogging Lord be praised. (But it only took another email to Technorati telling them I was running with this story and did they have a quote for me. "Dancing to the Techno (rati) beat" I'm gonna call it.

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