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Tammy unmade bed! new clip

View this clip on Vimeo Safe for work. The Director's Cut. More Tammy shite on the Main Page. Yeah...yeah, including a Free Download to the Tammy Tape. But there's a lot more on this site - pages and pages. You want Video? We got video. You want Audio blog? We got that too. You want Funny shit? It's here. You want original short stories? We got it. Bookmark this page, ya hear. Come back at your leisure. Oh and leave a tip at the PayPal Donation Button - the Bandwidth is crippling me. Malkie in Paris.

p.s. For Live Chat drop into Shoot the Shit Weekdays usually between 11pm - 6pm the next day (Paris Time) or 9am - 6pm Sydney Time. Headed up by this Dickhead 231239-267458-thumbnail.jpg - "fingers" - the rudest towelhead on the planet. Frank Byrnes and Uncle Pervy are in the Sin Bin but they might be back.

From today's sordid chat:

"fingers, id rather eat my own vomit than go to anywhere with you. especially koh samui."

"That's a shame, mex.
You sound cheap to feed though.
I like that in a chick..."

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