Tammy's Dirty Download a.k.a. slurping Singapore noodles!
Monday, February 27, 2006 at 05:59PM
Malcolm Lambe

the DVD cover
God...how much more mileage can I get out of this? Seems like half of Singapore has dropped by looking for the Tammy Downloads - that's Part 1 and here's the link to Part 2 - Tammy Again. Yeah...what a public-spirited guy I am. I gotta say, though...this Dude is hung like a horse. You sure he's not a Porn-Star? Well I suppose he is now whether he likes it or not. See the full story in the previous posts below.

Check out my new VLOG - inyourfaceforbreakfast.com - there's some mashs, some comedy clips and The Sidekick Sisters dancing (you know - the girl who stole the cellphone in New York? It's all over the net)

Have a Tammy Day. Me so horny.

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