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40 Million Quid Robbery Under Arms

231239-280706-thumbnail.jpg How did they do it? Read about it Here at The Guardian. I think it an Amazing Story. That's a serious amount of dosh and obviously they had inside knowledge and it was highly planned. Like The Italian Job or something. I came across this great article in The Guardian today. On what life in the nick is like for high-profile armed robbers. Written by a former crim not an "investigative journalist" so I tend to give it credence. The kings of crime

"If the men who carried out this week's audacious £40m heist are ever caught, they won't have too hard a time of it on the inside, writes Erwin James. Like it or not, armed robbers are the aristocrats of the underworld

Among the broken, the defeated the damaged and the deranged who make up the majority of a prison's population, armed robbers have traditionally been considered the aristocracy. Not the drug-fuelled desperados who vault counters with fake guns seeking the means to keep the fixes coming. Nor the cowboys who stick up corner shops with decrepit shotguns or wartime revolvers. But those who are organised, professional, courageous it has to be said, to a certain extent, and, of course, callous and often brutal. The gang who stole up to £40m in used banknotes from the Securitas depot in Tonbridge, Kent on Wednesday will certainly enjoy the highest positions in the prisoner hierarchy, if and - as is usually the case in such high-profile, high-value crimes - when they are caught and locked up for at least a couple of decades.

More here - guardian article

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