State of the Union - Iraq Branch
Wednesday, February 1, 2006 at 05:45PM
Malcolm Lambe

cogs304.gifLast night was Dimwit's State of the Union Address or as some call it - The State We're In Address. Here's some interesting stats from the Knight Ridder news services since last year’s address.

The first number represents the number on Jan. 31, 2005, the second number represents Jan. 31 2006.

U.S. military deaths: 1,415; 2,242
U.S. military wounded: 10,622; 16,606
Number of daily insurgent attacks: 61; 75
Number of multiple fatal bombings per month: 28; 30
Number of Iraqi security forces: 125,000; 273,000
Estimated number of insurgents: 18,000; 15,000-20,000
Estimated Iraqi military and police deaths: 1,300; 4,059
Crude oil production (millions of barrels per day): 2.1; 1.78
Monthly oil revenue from exports: $1.49 billion; $0.84 billion
Daily average hours of electricity in Baghdad: 9; 3.2
Estimated unemployment rate: 27-40%; 25-40%
Percentage of Iraqis who believe country is headed in right direction (through Dec. 2005): 49%; 49%

Interesting figures, huh? But look at that one on daily average hours of electricity in Baghdad - 3.2 hours? Unbelievable! You mean the Americans still haven't got power to the main Iraqi city? Must be hard on the people. You can forget about running an air-conditioner or fan, for one thing. And what about freezers and fridges? What happens there? The "can do" country, huh? Well done U S of A! Way to win the hearts and minds.

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