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Dog Vlogs of 2006

Just read a very funny story that was linked on BoingBoing about The Worst Vlogs of 2006 and guess what? Rocketboom was on it along with Amanda Congdon's cheesy new show on ABC. I've been attacking both these vlogs as being lame for awhile now. I can't see why people think they're so great. And it's been particularly annoying that neither show has acknowledged any of my news tips or contributions. So much for the new media. It's a simple thing to at least have a Robot say thanks for your email...we'll check it out...send us more if you like. So fuck 'em. Have a look at The story on 10zenmonkeys.com I grabbed the turkey below from today's Rocketboom. It was three minutes of Joanna Whatserface interviewing the World's Most Boring People that she found in Times Square, Big Apple about New Years Resolutions. Talk about a fizzer.

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