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The 1K Project

These guys have played 1000 games of Trackmania Sunrise and put it into three minutes of mayhem here. I nicked it from the new Azureus Zudeo Bit Torrent site - like YouTube but much higher quality. BTW I've been waiting 40 minutes for YouTube to pull its finger out and show this vid. Is it me or is the uploading much slower since Google took over? The vid is uploaded but it still says "this video is unavailable". And it can't be a copyright issue as it's a Creative Commons 2.5 - free to copy and distribute for non-commercial purposes as long as you don't make a derivative. Why does YouTube recommend MPEG4 anyway? It's pixellated to the crap. I use H264, which is a tad better but it takes forever to upload if it's a large file. That's the beauty of Zudeo - you have DVD quality. BUT you have to wait for the Bit Torrent to download before you can see it unlike YouTube which is immediate.

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