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Sex in a Can!

siac_lady_pink.jpg Crikey! I hope it never comes to this (pun intended). Having it off with pussy-in-a-can or vag-in-a-can. Check out the wacky video at this site - Fleshlight

Top 5 reasons why Tiger Tail Ale is the best beer you've ever had:

5. Excessive consumption will not result in you waking up next to anyone who resembles a creature from the Lord of the Rings.
4. Its cool to pound one first thing when you get up in the morning.
3. If this beer gets skunky, its no one's fault but your own.
2. If you pass out after a night hitting the Tiger Tail, your buddies will probably not shave off one of your eyebrow's, and draw cock n' balls on your forehead.
1. If you have had so much that you can't get it up, that means you've already gotten laid.

Isn't it a wonderful world we live in?

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