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Diamonds are Forever

Make a diamond from a Diamond
Oh man...I love this. I just found a story in the Paris Metro - the free newspaper they pass out at the Metro stations - about turning stiffs into diamonds. Yes that's right - you can now have your Loved One converted into a diamond ring. From €4500 Entry Level.

A Swiss company, Algordanza, is offering the service.

The first step is up to you. You get in touch with us. Thereto you have several possibilities. We are collaborating with many crematories and funeral homes. At request we are pleased to indicate you corresponding institutions nearby you, which are competently and sensitively taking care of your special concerns. For all your questions and demands we are always at your diposal....
In our laboratory a physical-chemical analysis of the ashes is carried out. There a kind of "chemical finger print" will be prepared. This analysis is on the one hand necessary to be able to steer the subsequent physical and chemical processes, on the other hand the analysis documents the source of the memorial diamond from the original cremation ashes.

In principle one or more diamonds can be transformed from the cremation ashes of one deceased person. As basic material for the actual synthesis for one or more diamonds a quantity of 500gr ashes is needed.....

The actual transformation process, the conversion of graphite into a memorial diamond (both are pure carbon: one time in a hexagonal, the other time in an octagonal structure) is carried out under enormously high pressure and high temperatur and requires a couple of weeks, depending on the size (weight) of the stone.

The memorial diamond is shining in white up to bluish colouring. As different human beings are, as distinct are the tints of the diamonds. The bluish tint is depending on the individual quantity of the element Boron in the carbon. Boron is therefore an evidence for the organic source of the carbon.

After the synthesis the rough diamon is cut and polished according to the client's request. Furthermore, the diamond can be engraved in micro scripture by means of laser inscription. Any text is possible, maximum 75 characters, i.e. name and life data of the deceased. The inscription is only readable with a magnifying glass.

Geeze I hope they take more care with the conversion process than they do with the English on their site. But nevertheless...I want one. Think I'll turn Her Indoors into a ring. Just kidding. But there again...And just think...if they can do this for humans, they can do it for pets. You could wear your pussy as a ring.

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