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My Friend, the Jaybird

From his blog TheQueensRealm, that American patriot, Christian and compassionate mercenary, Jaybird, writes - "ok guys, first, my blog, no vulgarity. easy as that. You write one paragraph of insults and I write ten paragraphs of facts. If you would only read my replies rather then let your wives play with themselves to my photos, you would have a better understanding of what the real world is like. Malkie, do you really want my buddies to visit you? Then why did you block my link to your porn site? Ohh, thats right, your the coward that yells obscenites from the other side of the fence so that he can look tough but has no real danger in getting his tail kicked. And no malkie, I dont protect journalist, they don't pay enough. You were so scared of me that you asked me not to post on your site anylonger, yet now you demand that I return? Did you take your medication today malkie? My ability to check sources is limited as I am in..oh yeah, Baghdad. I am not hiding in France like some turn coat white flaggers. It's always the Nerd that cant get a girl that is the first to make fun of the jock. How does it feal knowing that i could have your wife for the cost of a cup of coffee?
I write about my life in Baghdad, and I give facts about the things I see day to day. You spill rhetoric of events that are not happening in Baghdad, and when I ask you to back it up, you go on about the Shah of Iran, Osama and the soviets, and the hundreds of thousands of tons of bombs dropped on Baghdad. I live here mushroom, and there arent any craters. The buildings are intact, and the streets are paved. Your wrong. Dont believe me? Get your cowardly but off the couch, and come visit.
Mushroom, i take it that means you are kept in the dark and are fed S#!+ ? You ask me to learn the history of the region I am in. Mushroom, I live here. My whole life is a living history. There is no fact in a book that you herd talked about on a communist web site, that can refute my first hand experience. I asked you to give me an example of plundered oil, and the only reply you had was that the worlds economic future was catastrophically linked to oil. Ok,,,,I dont know where you were going with that, but that is an opinion, not a fact, and it does not answer in any way, how America is stealing oil from the Iraqi's. Mushroom, I live here. I protect high value targets. If there was something of value going from point a to point b, I would be in on it. Your wrong. Your misguided and you are just spouting rhetoric and propaganda.
Ladies and gentleman, this Malkie and his Mushroom are misinformed. They are not bad people, they are just niave. They are attempting to show signs of intellecutal superiority, but as you can see....it does not work to well. Any first year debate student will know, that when an opponent of ideas begins to raise his voice, the person yelling has lost already. Name calling and insults are a sign of frustration because no other valid point can be raised. Obscenites are also a sign of a poor vocabulary. If a person does not have an adequate education, they substitute essential words with vulgarity. So please, dont be angry with Malkie, understand that he does not have much to work with. Feel sorry for him and his friend mushroom.

Ride hard, shoot straight, speak the truth,

Remember folks, the Jaybird says: "Do not make any personal attacks. If you criticize, please criticize with compassion, or if you agree with Malcolm, be uplifting and supportive. But please, don’t be crass."

And another quote from the horses mouth: "I don't feel it is proper to express ideas by highlighting them with crudeness."

For the record: I haven't blocked his link. 70 of his Nazi mates have come storming through already. And I didn't ask him not to post. I said "You bore me now, Meathead. Go away and play soldiers with the other little boys".

Who said this?: "I do not judge others, and I am very reserved about the labels I put on people. Yeah, you got it - Jay the leather skirt wearing Mercenary Mouth.

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Reader Comments (5)

Not worth commenting, Malkie. If the Jaybird isn't already a fake who spent years training on UseNet in pointless flaming until the newsgroup became defunct through boredom, then he's just naturally 'talented' at soaking bandwidth with b...s... His point is noise and quantity, not substance. He doesn't read and he doesn't spell. He has a hangup about wives and his dick. So what?
January 26, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterLou
Just got our new NOOS (cable TV) brochure - this will give people with anti-French complexes something to get excited about - we will now have Al-Jazeera live in our homes!
January 26, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterOzzie
I may not know more then the astrophysicist, but I know more then you, and you are no astro pysicist. And the guy on the ground doing the work has a more valid opinion on what works and what doesnt then some nerd behind a desk. I Didn't say I cant check sources, I said it takes time for me. In between killing insurgents and cleaning my rifle and bayonet, I only get a few moments a day to laugh at you and your friends. your just being crass. Being able to get your woman for the cost of a cup of coffee is not vulgar, I am just pointing out that in the time it would take me to have coffee with her, she would realize what a real man is. Sorry you dont measure up, but that is your bane, not mine. And my wife is hot. I mean smoking. I wouldnt give a woman willing to share herself with Malkie the time of day.
Did you take your medication today, Malkie? go away you bore me is not the same as stay away? You really need to find a better therapist.
and mushroom, what makes you think I am a part of a small portion of Iraq? I work all over Iraq. Where ever killing needs getting done. I get intel briefs, I get sit reports, I get classified information that mere mortals will never see. So yes, I know what is going on over here, and you don't. You have no opinion. Even the Frog wannabe admits that the journalist over here hide in their hotel rooms and report second hand information. All you get is propaganda, which you retell as fact. Shame on you. Lets see if I can give you an analogy simple minds will understand. Your dad tells you what it is like to be with a woman sexually. Your friends tell you what it is like to be with a woman sexually. Your french lady friends tell you what it is like to be with a woman sexually, but until you have been with one, you just don't know for yourself do you? You have no reasonable or accurate first hand information, and you just spout ignorance. a sixteen year old boy that is poking the fat female school janitor has a better understanding of sexual relations than a 40 year old sex therapist that is still a virgin. Now your back on my legs? Why is it you french guys can't stay away from my legs? We have already established that I am both mentally, and physically superior to all of you that visit welcometowallyworld, why keep bringing it up?
Keep visiting for real information and to have everything you've ever been taught debunked. Sorry you were misled, but that is your fault for not thinking for yourself
January 27, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJay
Hey moron. We are all Australian here. You know...that big island downunder with the kangaroos and the legendary Diggers - real tough men - not pantywaists wearing skirts and looking forward to bullshitting on the back porch in their dotage.
You have got to be one of the biggest morons I have ever met.
"In between killing insurgents (read: anyone who isn't a dumbass WASP American) cleaning my rifle and bayonet and playing with my dick."
January 27, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterlambe, paris
But you live where? and you say things like..my life as a Frog? sounds like your proud of your french heritage.

Mal: For the moron amongst us "My life as a frog" is a play on the famous Swedish film "My Life as a Dog".

Yes, I asked my readers not to be rude with you, because you picked a fight with me. I don't need them to fight my battles, unlike your nazi support group. So if I want to respond to your inults by pointing out your short comings, I reserve the right to contradict myself a little.

Mal: You reserve the right to contradict yourself a little? WTF You mean like 360°?

If you cant handle it, just say so. Most whimps can dish it out but cant take it. Thanks again for demonstrating the differences between us. The biggest moron youve ever met? That says a lot considering who your friends are. I think I should be proud of that title malkie. So, now your a digger? or your somehow more manly because you read a book about diggers? I don't understand the reference, explain it to me.

Mal: "Digger" is a term of endearment or mateship between Australians. Comes from the trench warfare of WWI where hundreds of thousands of Australian cannon fodder fought.

Malkie lives in france but he is not french.

Mal: If you'd been paying attention you would have realised I married a French stunner. But I can, as it happens, trace my roots right back to William the Conquerer and the Normans. And I have a "Carte de Sejour" - Residency Papers.

Malkie wont punch a guy in the nose when he admits he felt the guy was a threat to his family, instead he hides behind a woman, then believes he is masculine because the diggers were australian?

Mal: The guy was annoying but obviously a schizophrenic. I said I "felt" like punching him. Some of us do have control over our Simian reflexes. The last guy I punched I knocked out and thought I'd killed so I made a decision not to spend the rest of my natural in the nick for whacking someone. With you I might make an exception.

Your reaching Malkie. What exactly is a pantywaist? I don't understand the term. Is it a derogatory gay term? Are you gay bashing Malkie? I thought you were supposed to be the compassionat one here? I thought it was your group that was tolerant of alternative life styles?

Mal: You're right. Sorry. I shouldn't make fun of men that like to wear leather skirts in the desert. Great legs BTW You work out?

Isin't Australia was a continent? I guess it is surrounded by water and that makes it an island, but then again so is every other land mass on Terra.

Mal: It's known as "The island continent".

hmm, you must be public school.

Mal: "Public school" means "private school" in the U.K.. Downunder we say "G.P.S." meaning "Greater Public School". Same thing. A private (elitist) school.

Thanks for the laughs malkie

Mal: You're welcome, Fuckhead. Have a nice day, ya hear.
January 27, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterJay

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