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Pigs Might Fly Soon


Yeah I know what you're gonna say - "Pigs might fly soon - the day you win the Euromillions". We'll see.

Taiwanese scientists have managed to produce three little fluorescent pigs. Why? You might well ask. Apparently they plan to use them to help study human diseases. Something to do with stem-cell research. They reckon because the pigs' genetic material is green it's easier to spot. The pigs are transgenic - created by adding genetic material from jellyfish into a normal pig embryo. Voila - glow in the dark piggie. Just what we've always wanted. Even their hearts and internal organs are green. There could be a nice little side-trade here in pork for Greenies.

I've an idea. What if we turned Byrnesie into the Jolly Green Giant? We'll hold him down and get some of his DNA (from you know where) and mix it with jellyfish. Maybe top it up with some Green Fairy absinthe and some green Citro├źn hydraulic oil just to be on the safe side.

Oh yeah...nearly forgot...even the Three Little Piggies teeth are green. Just like Byrnesie's.

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