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Best Rejected Advertising

BANNED!BANNED!BANNED! Annalouise Larsen just sent me this from pretentiouspricksinponytails.com Great stuff! I love them all. God the Poms are such prudes, aren't they? Fuck Political Correctness. You won't find it on this site. We slag off everyone without fear or favour. 231239-238839-thumbnail.jpg
click to make me tall
Uncle Pervy's pals
what a doll!
hot keyhole
dead chic
The dollar's rooted
What do you reckon? Are you offended by these ads? Fuck me...what's the world coming to. THESE ARE GREAT ADS and I bet they'd pull like crazy (pun intended). What's your favourite? Mine's the midgets...sorry vertically challenged...people on the left there.

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I don't find any of these ads offensive, though I don't understand a couple of them.

What's the deal with the vertically challenged chaps in need of a pit stop??

Are they waiting for the guy with the fag to finish so he can give them a leg up, or what? If I was the guy who desperately needs to go potty I'd just pee all over the selfish little bastard.

Upending him and stuffing him into one of the bogs could be an option also.

The chic in the moisturiser ad looks like she's just gone 9 rounds with Count Dracula. What kind of woman would pay an exhorbitant amount of money to look like that!!!!!!!!

I like the bodyshop doll better, she looks more like the real thing.

Speaking of good looking dolls, I think I'll go and inflate mine now.


Naturally, I like the boob ad and my
January 1, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterUncle Pervy

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