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George Tells US Everything is Hunky-Dory

head up his arse
Wednesday December 7
Paris via Bagdad (again)

Gee Gosh Willikins...the Pres tells us not to sweat it because everything's jake in Iraq. Just terrific... Great, even... Going swimmingly...nothing to worry about...swell. There's just a couple of hitches.

If I weren't laughing so much at what this idiot is saying I could report on it properly. But, you know, I reckon he actually believes this tripe he's sprouting.

"Like most of Iraq, the reconstruction in Najaf has proceeded with fits and starts since liberation," Bush said. "It's been uneven. Sustaining electric power remains a major challenge. ... Security in Najaf has improved substantially but threats remain. There are still kidnappings and militias and armed gangs are exerting more influence than they should in a free society."

"More influence than they should"? So...some influence by armed gangs is O.K. George?

"Rebuilding a nation devastated by a dictator is a large undertaking."

Well yeah...didn't you think this one through George? And wasn't it you guys that took out the power supply and all the rest of it when you invaded?

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