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The Singapore Sling

Sunday December 4
City of Light via City of the Lion

A 25 year old Australian man was hung in Singapore for drug trafficking last Friday. He was caught in Transit between Cambodia and Sydney with nearly 400g or about 14oz of high-grade Heroin - supposedly enough for 26,000 "hits". It was his first trip abroad and he was doing the run to pay off his twin brother's $30,000 heroin debts. He was so inept that he ran through the Transit Lounge at Singapore Airport and didn't know what he was carrying or what it weighed. Or indeed that Singapore has the Death Penalty for anything over 15g. BUT......

"SINGAPORE'S draconian measures against drug trafficking have been both lauded and denounced. Advocates of capital punishment for drug traffickers applaud the Singapore government's tough stand of executing these criminals. Their opponents show reprobation of such harsh penalty. But while such debate is significant, it misses the point. While Singapore hangs small-time drug peddlers, the government continues to trade lavishly with Burma - the world's largest producer of heroin. The hypocrisy begs attention." Source: singapore-window.org

"It is inexplicable why Mr Koh does not refute former US assistant secretary of state Robert Gelbard's claim that "since 1988 … over half of (the investments from) Singapore have been tied to the family of narco-trafficker Lo Hsing Han". Singapore's total investments in Burma are estimated to be about US$1.5 billion (A$2.02 billion).

Singapore's Opposition Leader talks of the Singapore/Burma connection HERE at The Sydney Morning Herald.

And we're having quite a spirited debate over at RADAR BLOG in Sydney. This story hasn't jumped the shark yet. And with Nine other young Aussies incarcerated in an Indonesian Gaol having been caught trying to run Heroin from Bali to Sydney and perhaps looking at the same fate...it's somewhat topical.

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