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There but for the Grace of God....

...go I. laughingprince.jpgSometimes you just got to stop and count your blessings when you see what some people go through in their lives. These images are quite graphic. You may want to come back to it when you're over your New Year's hangover.231239-238299-thumbnail.jpg231239-238301-thumbnail.jpg231239-238303-thumbnail.jpg231239-238305-thumbnail.jpg231239-238307-thumbnail.jpg 231239-238315-thumbnail.jpg

"I am serving as a volunteer photo-journalist onboard the Mercy Ship Anastasis in West Africa. Mercy Ships is the world's largest non-governmental organization of hospital ships, the Anastasis currently the largest operating in the fleet. Since 1978, the organization follows the 2000 year model of Jesus, & brings hope and healing to Africa's poor. The blind see through cataract and other eye operations. The lame walk through orthopedic operations. The mute speak through cleft lip and palate operations. The disfigured are given their dignity back through advanced, life-changing maxillofacial operations. The Anastasis also engages in AIDS education, community development projects, water sanitation and well building, dental & maternity health clinics.... Like the rest of the 350 plus crewmembers on board, to defray costs, I pay crew fees to serve. If you are interested in supporting me or donating to Mercy Ships directly please contact me at scott@onamercyship.com. There are a so many ways to get involved, sponsoring surgeries, fresh water wells, transportation, prosthetics wheelchairs, etc. Adopt-a-Patient, etc." - Scott Harrison

For the full amazing story go onamercyship.com

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