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Good Look Orstraya

Well done neo-nazi peanuts and angry young Lebanese-Australians! Bravo! This is the image you're projecting of our country Overseas. Taken from a French shock-horror rag called, funnily enough, "Choc" - December 29 Edition. What's it saying? Basically that the Sydney Muslim Community and the "young white extremists" (read "neo-nazis") have declared war on each other. Fabulous. Just what the tourism industry needs. Should well and truly put us on the map with the knucklehead soccer-hooligans and far-right nutters of the world. You'll notice there are at least two cops in the background who haven't been able to hose this mob down. And you can see only one guy holding a stubbie of beer in this shot but from other photographs I've seen there are lots of beer-drinkers milling around.

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