How to light up Barbie's arse
Friday, December 30, 2005 at 05:46PM
Malcolm Lambe

Approximately 10 gallons of liquid oxygen were dumped onto two grills. The bucket on the end of the board holds 3 gallons of LOX. Liquid oxygen is a pale blue color (like the sky) and slightly magnetic. These jpegs were taken from video taken by Joe Cychosz ( and Jeff Sponaugle (

Even though taken in bright sunlight, the brightness of the fireball caused the camera to underexpose the background, giving the appearance of a "bonfire at night".

It was decided to "sacrifice" a cheap (on sale for $2.88 at OSCO's) grill to the fire gods. It was loaded with charcoal, with one briquette smoldering, and 5 gallons of LOX were dumped on, causing the grill to melt down and then almost completely vaporize. Trés Cool! Try this at home Campers. But DON'T soak the briquettes in LOX or you won't see the New Year in.
Pouring the LOX
Add the snags
ignite burners
now the steak
medium rare
well done
More details here - blitzing barbie Thanks Wendy Griswald.

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