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Terrorism Act I - don't laugh

Saturday December 3

Classic commentary from Mike Carlton in yesterdays The Sydney Morning Herald -

"In a fortnight or so, at considerable expense to the taxpayer, John Howard will summon the great and good to Kirribilli House for his annual Christmas party.

Guests frolicking in the starlight will include cabinet ministers currently in favour with himself or his wife; titans of industry; a claque of fawning hangers-on, such as Professor David Flint and the usual media toadies.

What an act of national deliverance it would be for the masses to rise up, storm the barricades and hurl the lot of them into the harbour.

I think I am safe for the moment in this light-hearted suggestion. But when Philip Ruddock, the whited sepulchre, gets his swingeing anti-terrorism laws in place, I would be up for seven years' jail for sedition.

This Howard bunch has become the most arrogant and oppressive regime in memory. As Malcolm Fraser put it in his brilliant speech at Melbourne University last Tuesday, the Liberals are a party of fear and reaction."

"Lampooning of the Prime Minister may be permitted where it is deemed to meet normal community standards, but not where:

a) It forms more than one third of any performance or publication.

b) The Prime Minister is referred to as a lying little rodent or is, in any way, (including impersonation, mimicry or cartooning) held up to hatred, ridicule or contempt.

c) All or any part of the humorous content diminishes public respect for the Government.

d) Offence is given to an allied government or head of state, including, but not limited to, the President of the United States of America."

I wonder if this includes what we say on our blogs? Can't see it working...can you? Talk about Draconian. I think Carlton's idea of hurling the lot of them into the harbour is excellent. I'd like to see that! Can we manage it before Christmas?

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