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A Beautiful Way to Shop?

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This is the top gallery of the posh shopping mall in the lovely old Queen Victoria Building (1898) in the heart of Sydney - next to the Town Hall. It's owned by GIC Real Estate pte Ltd -

"Headquartered in Singapore, GIC Real Estate pte Ltd ("GIC RE") is a pre- eminent global real estate investment manager. The company manages a multi- billion dollar portfolio of direct and indirect property investments worldwide. GIC RE is the real estate investment company of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation which manages the foreign reserves of Singapore."

Here is their Website And here is their slogan -


After this week's hanging by the progressive Singapore Government of a 25 year old Australian heroin smuggler may I suggest a more swinging slogan? -


One hardline "hang-em-high" contributor to this weeks Radar Blog at the Sydney Morning Herald wrote -

"His death will be rapid, clean and dignified. Somewhere else on the planet, odds are a heroin user will lapse into a coma, suffer respiratory failure, or choke on their own vomit."

Well that must be a comfort to his Mother and his twin brother. But can someone please explain to me how it's dignified to have your tongue and eyeballs pop out while piss and shit run down your leg? But I guess if your neck is broken you're not gonna have time to think about your dignity.

So maybe the Queen Victoria Building slogan should be -


Must be hard to do your shopping in Singapore. You need a permit for more than two men and a dog to gather in a public space.

Some 420 people have been hanged in Singapore since 1991, mostly for drug trafficking, an Amnesty International 2004 report said.

That gives the country of 4.4 million people the highest execution rate in the world relative to population.

You won't be getting my Christmas shopping dollar Singapore. And I hope to Christ I never have to so much as Transit in your oppressive "City-State". Please put me on your list of undesirables.


HUNG December 2 2005
Van Tuong Nguyen, 25 years old, no previous criminal record, born in a refugee camp in Thailand, moved to Australia with mother and twin brother when six months old. Van told investigating officers he had agreed to carry a packet of heroin in order to pay off debts owed by his twin brother. He said he did not know how much he was being paid for the trip. It was his first trip outside Australia. He was such an amateur he ran through Changi airport carrying nearly 400g of pure heroin.

While Singapore hangs small-time drug peddlers, the government continues to trade lavishly with Burma - the world's largest producer of heroin.

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